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  "The Face of An Angel"

The storybook and CD created by Nanny Kay for her grandson.
Inspired by love and wonderment, enjoy this storybook and CD
almost as much as the young grandson it was intended to excite.
1 hand-illustrated storybook and CD


  "Bugs and All"

The next CD from Nanny Kay that was created on the
simple question from a young grandson, "Nanny, does God love the bugs?".
Enjoy this CD and find out the answer to that question and many more.
1 CD



The timeless classic CD devoted to the one thing Nanny's
grandson Ethan loved when he was a small child, Ravioli.
Sing along with Nanny as she dedicates this CD to her
first grandson.
1 CD



The one that started it all! The storybook and CD
made lovingly by Nanny Kay for her grandson.
Hear the wonderful songs that cam straight from a
new grandmother's heart onto the CD.
1 hand-illustrated storybook and CD


  "What Makes the Wind Blow"

The CD inspired by another question from the grandson
of Nanny Kay, "Nanny, what makes the wind blow?".
Hear as Nanny tries to answer her wonderful grandson
and moves on to other subjects near and dear to her heart.
1 CD


  "Having A Ball"

The music CD given inspiration to Nanny Kay by her youngest
grandson, Jarrett. He loved balls of all kinds and Nanny made
this CD for him. Listen along as Nanny Kay sings melodies to
her wonderful grandson.
1 CD


  "Saturday Picnic"

Another classic Nanny Kay original dedicated to the fun of
summer and outdoor fun. The cover illustration is done by
Nanny's now famous grandson, Ethan Bolick. Enjoy the music
and the art, as you listen to "Saturday Picnic".
1 CD


  "A New Life"

A touching CD done by Nanny Kay as she discovers her "new life"
as a grandmother of two young boys. A insightful collection of songs.
Listen along as Nanny pours her heart and soul into her music.
1 CD


coverThe new album and illustrated book from Nanny Kay. New from Warren Publishing!

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